Over the years, we at Higbie Tax & Accounting, worked with many clients as their trusted Tax & Accounting resource.  And in doing so we couldn’t help but notice that many of those who entered the investment arena have fallen prey to tremendous tax inefficiencies, high internal costs, undue risk in relation to return, and redundancy on top of redundancy. We witnessed “The Perfect Storm” for investors losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden fees and taxes.

   We could no longer watch that happen.

   We have made the decision to dissolve our Tax & Accounting division in order to better serve our clients by introducing them to the exclusive world of Investor Coaching. It’s here that we can utilize over 30 years of experience in helping our clients discover the tools they need to keep them from destroying their portfolios and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It starts with helping investors finding their “True Purpose for Money!”

   Maybe you have been successful with your portfolio. But have you actually measured how successful you have been… or could be? We have at our disposal the proprietary tools to prove to you just how much is at stake and how Investor Behavior plays a huge role.

    We know our clients are savvy investors, but Wall Street is a dangerous financial neighborhood where you don’t want your investments walking around all alone, without some guidance and protection. And that is exactly what we are offering at Higbie Advisory, LLC.  We are an Investor Coaching Firm committed to empowering families to Reclaim, Recapture and Realize their American Dream leaving families with Freedom, Fulfillment and Love…and it starts with our Coaching!

All the best athletes in the world have one thing in common…A Great Coach!  See how a Great Investor Coach may help you achieve outstanding results with your portfolio!

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